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50th Book Signing June 13, 2004!
A few days ago I decided to actually count how many book signing events I'd taken part in over the last couple of years.  I knew it was somewhere in the forties because of  all of the heavy scheduling in Spring and Fall of 2003.  But to my surprise, when I added up the past book signings and the future book signings for Spring 2004, the number came to an even 50!  That is a lot of hours in a lot of book stores meeting not only prospective readers, but also engaging in amazing discussions with all sorts of people on a myriad of fascinating topics including the state of our world, Christianity, Star Trek, Asimov, The Twilight Zone, The Left Behind series, atheism, secular morality, Iraq, C.S. Lewis, race relations, Harry Potter, space exploration, DaVinci Code, Martin Luther, comic books, movies, etc.  Amidst all the talking and signing, I never thought about the number of events being up to 50 because honestly I've been having way too much fun!

THANK YOU and God Bless to all of the Waldenbooks store managers in Northeast Ohio who have welcomed me back time again to build on our successes.  Thanks also to the store managers and area marketing managers at Borders Books for allowing me to become a familiar face to the readers of Northeast Ohio.  Thanks to Joseph Beth Booksellers for breaking me in as well as B.Dalton Booksellers for the events we've been able to enjoy!  And of course, thanks to the readers themselves who have made these events a success.  It's become very gratifying to now have so many people asking me "when is the next one coming out?"

See you in the Fall with
The Planet of Mortal Worship and even greater things to come in 2005...2006...and beyond!

"The Last Champion of Earth" was recently entered into the Writers Digest 10th Annual International Book Awards.  It did not win.  But the April, 2003 review was as follows:

        "The book is extremely well-written.  So well-written it scared me-this is the way the world could be in the future.  In some ways that are described, we aren't too far from that.  The book is chilling and reminds me of some of the wonderful books written about the future a few years ago, and some of the events in those books came true.
        "All of the characters were believable as was their dialogue.  I enjoyed reading about the people who populated these pages-the heroes and the villains.
        "Everything about the book was well done.  The blurb on the back was excellent-exactly enough to make a reader curious enough to pick up the book and not so much that you know how it's going to end-something that seems to be a common error."